Monday, August 13, 2007

convention earlier this year

Well, not much to report today, so I thought I'd post a few pictures of Mayumi and I when we went down to Orlando to check out a grand nostalgia convention. We met a few celebrities like Peter Graves ("Surely you can't be serious.")

And the man I came to meet - Lance Henriksen! I love this guy! He is Cool. I've been a fan of his ever since I saw Near Dark - which I still consider the best vampire movie I've ever seen (they don't even mention the word vampire in the movie, which makes extra points with me). Of course he was also great in the Alien films, including the Very good Alien vs. Predator (yes, I'm a horror movie fan). You know, when I took a picture of my wife with Lance, my hands were shaking. He noticed, I'm afraid, but we made a joke out of it. :) Well, this Was the first "working" film legend I've ever met in person.

Of course, Mayumi got to meet someone she wanted to also: Sam Huntington, fresh off of Superman Returns. She liked the film more than I did (I wish there'd been more action). But I think we both liked the Spiderman series better.

Anyway, I gave Lance and Peter both a copy of Son of Harpo Speaks, which had arrived just that week, urging them both to write their autobiographies. Lance doesn't seem to think people will be interested, while Peter has seriously considered it, but has found it difficult to get mainstream publishers interested. I haven't heard from either actor since the convention, though I've written once to Lance. Let's hope they both realize that an autobiography is more valuable than a biography written later!

I try to urge as many people as possible to write books, because there are So many great people - not just actors, but writers, production people, etc. - who are valuable to film history. True, there isn't great money in it. But it Is important to preserve this history while we still can.

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