Friday, August 24, 2007

favorite place on Earth

Those of you who know me, know I love Disney stuff. Especially pre-Little Mermaid, before body humor and stage musical music invaded the Disney cannon. Since marrying, I've had a Lot more tolerance for modern Disney stuff (but not the farting, burping stuff, sorry), and by and large, I love it all equally. True, my 3 favorite Disney films are still
Alice in Wonderland
Pete's Dragon

which aren't at the top of everyone's lists, but I think they are great. Gus is Supremely underrated. And I count the creator of that story, Ted Key, as a good friend of mine. At 90+ he's still going strong. We'll be publishing his autobiography next year.

Of course that means that Disneyworld is my favorite place on earth. I've only been to Disneyland in CA once, but Disneyworld is the best of course since there is So much room for everything. I like Epcot just as much as the Magic Kingdom; just as much to do at both. Even though nothing beats Epcot if you want to get fat!

One of my wife's favorite character is Stitch, mostly because he reminds her of small, cute dogs. And the Japanese people do love their "cute" things! She got a cute Stitch cookie jar, which she refuses to use. Just decoration, of course. But her favorite ride is Pooh's Honey Hunt. Pooh might be her favorite character, because of the personality as well. But the Honey Hunt in Tokyo Disneyland is Much better - what other place has a bouncing Tigger room? I mean it Really bounces, not just rolls like in DW.

I'm really hoping DW will agree to carry Charles Tranberg's Fred MacMurray book. For some reason they passed on my Paul Frees book. But since Fred is more of an icon, here's hoping. Anyone reading this have pull with Disney? :)


Chuck Tranberg said...

Here's keeping my fingers crossed too. Thanks for the plug. By the way, tomorrow I'm going to Beaver Dam, Wisconsin (Fred's hometown) to do a radio show in celebration of Fred's birthday which is on Thursday. Beaver Dam is very proud of it's ties to Fred MacMurray. Ben, did you find the same thing about Kenosha and Don Ameche? Between you and me we have done well with the movie stars who came from Wisconsin (Agnes Moorehead is associated with Reedsburg, WI and her papers are stored in Madison)

Rick said...

I love the early Disney films too. Mostly it would be any thing with Dean Jones or Kurt Russell. My favorite with Kurt is the Computer Wore Tennis Shoes and with Dean it is either Snowball Express or Million Dollar Duck. Another favorite has Fred MacMurray as the star of Charlie and the Angel.

Ben Ohmart said...

I'd call Million Dollar Duck, etc. the middle period of Disney, and it's my Favorite too. Ah, I do wish they could go back to that innocence.

Rick said...

The closest they ever came to going back to that time was with Honey I Shrunk the Kids. They tried with the new Herbie movie but I don't think they will ever get it back.