Saturday, August 18, 2007

Judy Canova!

I was going to wait and post this picture when I put the Judy Canova book out, but I figured - why not show it here first.

Mayumi and I drove to Connecticut to visit Diana Canova, star of Soap, to borrow lots of stuff on her mother, Judy Canova, as I'm slowly winding down research on a book on Judy. Diana and her sister have been SO helpful answering All the many questions I have about the real Judy Canova. There may be as much of Their talk in the book as my own writing! And pictures galore. An amazing number. Including some nice stills I got from the ever-helpful Kevin Minton, who lives in the town where Judy was born - Starke, Florida.

Well, the Canova book won't be out until next year sometime, but without the gracious help of Diana and her sister, there wouldn't be a book at All. I was very lucky to get their go ahead - or else I wouldn't've attempted one in the first place.

Writers have to get lucky in their research!


Chuck Tranberg said...

Ben: I'm so envious! She seems so nice. I can't wait for this book. BTW, there is a 1977 Perry Como Christmas special with Miss Canova and she sings very well. John Wayne also appears (and sings, too). When you see Miss Canova again tell her that somebody remembers her singing with Perry!

Mitzie said...

I look forward to your book. My father and Judy were 1st cousins. I live in FL. Would love to meet her daughters (my cousins).

Booksteve said...

Hey, Ben! I'm really looking forward to your blog as you know all the most intersting people. Diana Canova is one of the seventies actresses I've had a crush on for years. In her case ever since her HAPPY DAYS appearance!