Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Stone Mountain, GA

Well here we are on top of Stone Mountain (GA) with Mayumi's parents who flew in just for 2 days. We went up the day before their flight back for a day trip to Stone Mountain. Great view at the top, as you can tell, and you can walk around the whole thing. I was surprised. You can see eagles or hawks circling. Just too bad that most of the stuff there is only open on the weekend. No train or boat tour around the mountain, just the skylift up. Still, it was fun.

Then we took a drive around the mountain and came upon a nice covered bridge, so we got out an fed the ducks. Mayumi and I have always liked doing that - we've got pictures of ducks from Boalsburg, PA (where we lived previous to being in GA) and Disneyworld (of course!).

Well, I wanted to put up more pictures, but it's not letting me, so I'll save more for another post!


Rick said...

Hey you look to have a great blog site. I hope to get the Judy Canova book when it is out. By the way, how do you write a biography of a person if you never knew them & don't know anyone who did? I sometimes think of writing a book on either Hugh Beaumont or Joe Flynn but don't know how to get started.

Ben Ohmart said...

I would LOVE a book on Joe Flynn!! He's in my top 10 list! But the only way to do it is to get family consent - then you can get all the personal info and pictures. I wrote to his wife a few years ago but got no response. Go for it - and good luck!

Rick said...

Thanks! I try to see if I can. Do you still have her address?

Rick said...

I have tried to find infor on Joe Flynn on the net and at the library but not much to be found. Right now I don't have time to devot to writing a book as I have other projests I am working on. Hopefully one will become a book or TV show. If you get to write the book on Joe Flynn I wish you luck and I hope to buy it. If not maybe I will when I have the time.