Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Disneyworld part 2!

Since there are so many Disney fans out there - including ourselves - I thought I'd post a few more goodies of our last trip to Disneyworld. It's funny, but the first time we went together, in Sept. 2005, coming out of the Haunted Mansion, one of the Disney guys was giving a tour, and I overheard him talking about Paul Frees. I couldn't believe it. So, completely out of character, I walked right over and introduced myself to the group as the author of the Paul Frees book. I even had a copy with me, hoping to get someone interested in carrying the book there (an impossible task, by the way; but at least I had Mayumi take a picture of me with the book outside the Mansion, which I'll use as an author photo on the back of the 2nd edition, which I'm planning to put out in 2009). Well, I don't know how many people were impressed or even Interested, but the guide was. :)

Of course, nothing beats staying on the grounds, in an official Disney hotel. Not just the cuteness and convenience factor, but you get Extended Park Hours. But be careful! Last time we were there at a very popular time, and you don't want to be at the park that has the Extended times on Those nights. You stand in line a Lot!

Below is where we stayed. Fantastic looking hotel! But to be honest, the worst service we've ever had. I didn't expect rudeness at Disneyworld. It's nothing I ever experienced before. But here, yes, I'm afraid. Of course, that doesn't rob from the magic of the place, and we really didn't come in to contact with a lot of the workers often, so........ doesn't really matter, does it? But I Was surprised to encounter it.
By the way, to the left is what we bought last time. Mayumi loves Stitch - but refuses to put cookies in him!

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