Thursday, September 13, 2007


More photos of Disney - this time it's DisneySea in Tokyo. I always thought it was clever of them to call the place next door to Disneyland, DisneySea. Makes sense, huh? Especially since you can see the ocean from many viewpoints. It's a lovely, lovely place. Even though Magic Kingdom is great (Pooh's Honey Hunt being one of the best rides, and Much different from the rides in America), DisneySea is magical to me because it's completely different. The Only thing you'll recognize is 20,000 Leagues. Otherwise, all the rides are new to American eyes. It's really worth going just for Sea.

We were fortunate to go in Fall, our favorite season, and they really decorate it up! By then the Haunted Mansion is in its Nightmare Before Christmas mode, which lasts through Christmas. But that's okay, Paul Frees isn't the regular voice there anyway.

And one of the best restaurants - in terms of atmosphere - is the Alice in Wonderland one in Fantasyland. Cute inside and out with parts of the original soundtrack playing all thru the place. Even the bathrooms are great and thematic. Now, it's not the best food in the park, and like Disneyworld itself, not great variety, but some of the stuff is interesting, like the Unbirthday Cake. Luckily it was my unbirthday the day we went, so I got to have the cake.

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