Sunday, September 9, 2007

new books

Well, Disney folks, hope this post won't be Too boring, but I figured it's time to talk a little about my upcoming books again. We've done an incredible 12 books within the last 30 days! Most of these are out now, including books on Jerry Colonna, Jack Mercer (voice of Popeye), I Led 3 Lives (TV series about communism), Remington Steele, and Fred MacMurray.

The Bionic Man/Woman book will be here within 10 days. This is a very popular book. I don't even have cable, but I'll have to try to see the new Bionic Woman show that's starting soon. It was even advertised on my popcorn bag when I went to the movies in Tallahassee last month!

I'm very proud and honored to have the Jerry Colonna book in my catalog. As I mentioned before, my favorite Disney cartoon is Alice in Wonderland, and he's the March Hare in that of course. He's also an insanely crazy looking geezer with a huge mustache and a voice that would stop a bullet. Not many people know that Jerry was best friends with composer John Williams' father; he was even best man at Jerry's wedding. And little Johnny Williams played with little Bobby Colonna years and years ago. So, a few months ago, I was so surprised when John Williams, the man who scored my childhood via Star Wars, Close Encounters, Jaws, Indiana Jones, etc., etc., agreed to write a foreword to this book! Amazing, isn't it?

And speaking of Alice in Wonderland, everyone's going to be Very pleased with Fredrick Tucker's book on Verna Felton (voice of Queen of Hearts in AIW, plus a slew of other Disney cartoons), which promises to be huge and full of photos NO one else has ever seen. This author is doing an impressive job on a fantastic voice talent.

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