Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Universal Japan

I know all these photos make us seem like world travelers, but such is not the case! These here are a few pictures from Universal Japan, which we went to around the same time as our first DisneySea trip. But let me warn you - we went to USJ during a holiday, and it was packed. It was INCREDIBLE! I have Never seen lines like this. And I've been to DisneyWorld in Orlando MANY times. But the lines at USJ were never ending. I'm talking a MIN. of 2 hours each. So we only got to do a couple things there. My feet were crippled. I like to walk, but I am Not used to standing all day. Here's what we did:

Back to the Future ride - a simulation that last about 5 minutes, so is Not worth a 2+ hour wait!!

Shrek 4-D film - and I'm not a Shrek fan (to me, farting and burping are not kid's comedy). We go to a Lot of movies, almost everything that comes out, but we had no interest in Shrek the Third.

Maybe that was it. I just can't remember doing anything else, except pushing through crowds in the shops (which were Packed!) and lamenting that I didn't go on Jaws first, because I had no idea the lines would be like this. Did you know that groups of girls even brought cards to play in line? Smart. I'll bring my Ninentendo DS next time!

It's a great place though. You just have to hit it during times that aren't teeming with students. When is that? I'll let you know when I find out!

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