Saturday, October 13, 2007

DisneySea wedding pictures!

Well, folks, here are the infamous wedding photos! Some of them anyway. We had a flawless wedding - even the weather was perfect! Thanks to the detailed management of my lovely bride, Mayu, everything went smoothly, beautifully, and was even fun! We've got a Ton of photos, not counting the ones Mayu's friends took, nor the 50 that the professional photographer took!

Anyone who's ever dreamed of a Disney wedding - it is indeed a dream. These are very professional people who know how to make a memorable event. Here's how our evening ran:

4:15. My fitting began. Mayu's started at 3:30. I got into the costume we picked out the day before (complete with Dracula cape), then I waited a while for Mayu's stunning entrance. She was beautiful. She doesn't quite believe it, saying that Every bride is called beautiful, but it was indeed true, and I mean and meant it from the heart.

We moved into another room to start the professional photos. Now, it's a bit daunting to marry in Japan when English is the foreign language. There was one person to translate, though she wasn't what I'd call bilingual. Luckily, there was never a problem with knowing when/what to do. Maybe it's all those silent movies I've watched... So I tilted my head this way and that way for a while until the studio shots were done, and the rest of the evening we were followed around by a young guy photographer who, like all Japanese, seemed so pleased and eager to be helping us. We're both eager to see how the pro shot us!

We then moved into the Waiting Room where we waited like a king and queen to receive our visitors. As the guests came in, they were in awe of the spectacle, as they should be! Mayu invited a few of her friends from school and her family, so the entire setting was very intimate and never large and imposing at all, which relieved me. The trip was just too long and expensive for any of my folks here in Albany, GA to come to, but that was fine with me. I have no regrets about the wedding day, nor would I change a Thing. Mayu had planned it perfectly and the Disney people provided the pixie dust to make it fly.

There was a half hour delay to the ceremony due to some technical hitch, but that was okay because they served us and the guests tea and lite snacks in the waiting room. The priest from New Zealand came to introduce himself to us and ask a few questions (what language we wanted the vows spoken in, etc.) of the very nervous couple. He was a good looking guy with a confident manner who put us at ease. In fact, Mayu wondered if was just an actor, not a priest! After a few pictures with the Fantasia Mickey in this room, we left for our instructions on the ceremony, and the guests went into the chapel to wait.

Since all of the planning had to be done in 1 day by Mayu and the rest long by distance, we didn't have any previous instruction, nor did we even get to see the chapel until we were walking Live down the aisle! In a room much like where the first professional pictures were taken, we were given instructions on how to walk, turn, lift the veil, kiss (not more than 3 seconds), and Mayu's dad was given a crash course in slow, rhythmic walking. We only got to go thru this once, and as neither of us are incredibly brilliant, we knew we'd forget some things. Luckily I told the priest that when we met and he knowingly promised to help during the ceremony. He did indeed.

After that, we were on the air! We walked right out of the room, pictures flashing, and down the hall among the many admiring, smiling faces, and into the chapel, once our cue was given. I went in first, following the priest to the alter. I turned and looked toward the door where, once the live choir began singing, my gorgeous bride appeared. She was a picture. And pictures might show that her dad was holding back tears.

The priest read the service in phoenetic Japanese and gave us lots of silent direction on specific things to do. We put on rings, kissed, and moved to sign the marriage certificate, followed by her parents. The priest showed the certificate to everyone formally to show we weren't kiddin', then we marched out to more live organ music.

The reception was equally beautiful, full of courses and drinks and seafood and sweets. In between courses we got to view the DisneySea night show, BraviSeamo, on a balcony, and the weather being perfect, it was amazing to see. More pictures were taken of us here!, then we went back into finish the feast, topped off by cake.

We greeted the guests to say thanks for coming and give them their parting gifts - small bags of M&Ms with Ben & Mayu on one side, and our wedding date on the other. We have a couple bags left. There begins the eternal struggle between a want of chocolate and the desire for keepsakes...

Then the Real photo session began! Wow, I've never had so many photos taken of me in one place/time before in my LIFE. It was amazing. And I'm not a teeth smiler, I never was. Doesn't feel natural to me to use teeth in a smile. But I know now it Looks good, so I literally tried to grin and bear it and not blink Too much with all the flashing bulbs. We're glad so many photos were taken - it's a once in a lifetime event!

And that's it. Back to the changing room to remove the costumes. We were exhausted. Actually, I'm pretty tired Now after writing all that. So let me tell you about the rest of the trip later, ok?

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