Tuesday, October 9, 2007

now in Japan!

Hello, all! We're now in Japan, as you can tell by the display of tasty cakes we see here. I'm on a strange connection here, so I won't make today's post long. But I'll try to write up some comments on Japan in Notepad tonight and just copy and paste into an entry tomorrow - so stay tuned!

We're having a wonderful time. It was a beautiful, perfect wedding in Tokyo Disneyland. The weather was ideal, then turned rainy the next 2 days, so we were indeed lucky.

Come to Japan. It is Lovely, with lush, green mountains all around, and the friendliest people you'll Ever find on this earth.

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Ron Sayles said...

Amen to coming to Japan. My wife is Japanese and we have been married for 50 years. Have only gotten back to Japan once in the last 50 years, Fumiko, my wife was back twice. Japan is a beautiful country and the people are fantastic.