Sunday, October 28, 2007

saw Saw IV yesterday

I know, a lot of film fans - especially nostalgia fans - don't care for Saw, and some don't have much good to say about the majority of new films. Well, I kinda feel the same way about tv. I don't have cable, and generally have a prejudice against tv because to me it seems a rushed and cheap medium (whether it's 1955 or today), especially in this highly edited reality tv world of ours. But I love films, and go to them Often. Time and $ is spent on movies. I'll watch Almost anything, and like quite a lot of it.

To that end, I love horror movies. To me, they are like comedies. Rooted in realism, but they contain an unbelievability about them that allows me not to take them too seriously. They are fun. And the Best compliment I can ever give a film is that it's Fun. Not great, good, brilliant. FUN. Some movies are fun And one of those things. Wallace & Gromit, Curse of the Were-Rabbit was fun And great and brilliant. So was the 2nd Saw movie.

Hairspray was great fun.
Phantom of the Opera was amazing and fun.
Across the Universe was very good and had many moments of greatness, but perhaps it's length to keep up the drama (much like the shaky-camera - which I Hate - Bourne Ultimatum) for the entire film took its toll.

My favorite horror film series are the Deads (Night remake, Dawn and Day). Friday the 13th. And Saw. Final Destination is clever and has brilliance to it, but is a bit repetitive to me.

Anyway, Saw IV was good. I need to see it again to appreciate it fully - like I did with the previous ones. My first reaction is that it's not as good as the previous 3. But generally speaking, I like something More the 2nd time if I already like it.

I just wish Jigsaw wasn't dead. I thought the perfect lead-in to #4 would be that J would be revived by the father in #3 because his wife was a surgeon and he would know something about saving a life because of that. After all, J's brain didn't have to be completely dead, since #3 ended Immediately after J's throat was cut.

Don't worry, dear readers, I actually like My Fair Lady and West Side Story JUST as much as my favorite horror films. And Buster Keaton's Sherlock Jr. There are a LOT of great films out there. Just try to keep an open mind and you'll be surprised what might fall in your head. True, the Saw movies are bloody (esp. #3 and 4). But they are also - I think - first-rate mysteries. Enjoy a hybrid.

My favorite films this year?
Hot Fuzz
Miss Potter
Ratatouie (sp?)

Can't recall others, but many good ones come out often. Perhaps not Great ones, but fun ones. I remember sitting in the theatre and saying to myself, "I'm in the presence of greatness" a couple times. Doesn't happen often. The Departed was one time. The Wallace and Gromit film was another. Phantom of the Opera too - though not a Perfect film.

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