Sunday, November 25, 2007


We saw this yesterday in Tallahassee. I thought All viewings were 3-D so I was a little disappointed at seeing the Regular version of this. My wife and I were interested in finding out what the Story was about because it's like Dante's Inferno - it's just one of those old stories you've heard of and wonder about it.

Well, one of the few cartoons we didn't watch this year was Shrek 3, but I think we saw it yesterday. How many of you prefer the old type of animation that was hand drawn? Hands up!

Now, how many of you like the new style?

Okay, now how many of you just don't notice? Perhaps you play video games or are used to seeing this style so much that it doesn't matter to you?

Well, I knew it was going to be like because of the preview which was shown over and Over, as much as a National Guard commercial (the current one - the music video - is Too long; it's 3.5 minutes!! I timed it twice). But the 2 problems I've always had with the Shrek/game type of animation are:

1. Everything and every character looks like it weighs the weight of a rotten pecan. Even when Spiderman is flying thru the air as a cartoon in his films, doing those too-fast flips, he seems to have the heaviness of a small cardboard box.

2. The characters are generally emotionless, all having the same kind of plain faces. Yes, it's quicker to do that animation, but I have to agree with Leonard Maltin (who liked Enchanted a whole lot) when he said that we need a return to classic animation, drawn by hand. Wouldn't that be nice? Or does it matter to the general population? (I mean, I used to like playing those Myst-type games, back when I had time, which are now filled with these characters.)

That said, there were elements I liked about Beowulf. But my wife and I have a rating system between us: bad, okay, good, very good, great. This, we agreed, was okay.

Okay, it might've helped if either of us liked medieval stuff. :)

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