Friday, November 23, 2007


I've always believed that the most Important part of the film is the end. The very end. Not the first five minutes, which is what budding screenwriters are told. What the audience leaves with is that final time. Not the start, even if they remember it.

That's what saved Enchanted for me. I had hope for Disney's new fantasy because of the trailer (designed mostly for teen girls though it seemed to me) and the opening animation. We saw it last night for a post-Thanksgiving treat. I liked elements of it, though it didn't milk the "fish out of water" situation enough. Think of the 1st 2 Crocodile Dundee films. Those work for me. Enchanted doesn't seem slow at all in hindsight, but until the satisfying ending, I felt that a bit.

Also, I'm not from the era of Disney fans - and I'm a big one - who think that pissing on a prince's shoe and seeing a chipmunk poop a raisin is funny in a PG-rated family film. Yep, those things got laughs, yep, this is 2007 and body humor is natural, therefore allowed, often. But those things were always natural. When I was growing up (I sound like an old man, but I'm 37 this minute) the campfire scene in Blazing Saddles was played on network tv in silence. Now it's restored to its glowing, original soundtrack of burping and farting sounds. I can think of no better comparison of '80s to '00s than that.

And remember, I like Saw and bloody horror movies, so I'm hardly a prude. But when I go see a kid's film, I like an air of innocence. I guess that's why I keep going back to pre-Little Mermaid Disney stuff...

But as I say, the ending of Enchanted was what we all wanted, it was cute, and it didn't even end on a fart joke, for some reason. Would I recommend the film? No. It's not destined to be a Disney classic, in the same way that no one watches The Great Mouse Detective. There's not enough substance to make it last past a DVD release. Then again, I think Gus is great and who else ever mentions that film?

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