Thursday, November 15, 2007

Horrorfest pt. 2

Monday night I tried another one. Carmike's website said it was going to be Crazy Eights, but when I got there, it was Tooth and Nail. Didn't matter to me. I didn't read about any of the films - I like to be surprised. I was just glad it was one I hadn't seen before.

I liked the idea of the set-up to Tooth and Nail. The world has torn itself to pieces after the gas runs out. Lack of cars and power ruined everyone. But there are some survivors. In this story, some of the survivors are holed up in a ruined hospital that has no electricity, few drugs, and lots of exits/entrances for the villains of the film - cannibals. It was good, but had there been more action than talk, I would've stayed. I left about 30 minutes before it ended (I think), but there was no one else in the theatre but me!

I would LOVE to read some articles about how this fest got itself such great distribution. This is Exactly what indie filmmakers want. Unfortunately, the choices of some of these films is going to make it hard to have a Horrorfest 2. Especially with the underwhelming audiences, due to lack of advertising really. Was this fest sponsored as a tax write-off? Or was there some The Producers-like plot going on behind the scenes we'll never know about? I'd sure like to know how this good idea got so far.

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