Friday, December 7, 2007

No Country for Old Ben

(I'm finally doing some creative writing again. First in about 10 years. Here's a poem about the film I saw last night.)

No Country for Old Ben


(or, a review)

Saw this last night with 7 others

separated by rows and color

Boring ass movie? with understandably no music

Tommy Lee Jones was good with mainstream flicks

but this was a comedy?-drama slice of life that

didn't need to satisfy with the death of the main hero

nor the killing of the emotionless, bad bangs killer

so the topic of conversation with the rows

upon the last talky scene was, that's it?

Interesting in parts, certainly not worth critic praise

Easier to moan than make laugh

Everyone has vision, in backward glances

We see the sea for what it is and not the moment's wonder

Give us the money, let me film my script and

minds might wander over repeating this 'poem'

with my sparking star, like a Britney topic board

Never leaving her be even though she defines pop culture

and you add to the problem, like the next thriller to come

out: the amount of people who watch the film, kills him

that much quicker

World of voyeuristic jealousy, critics in cutthroat badges

carving IMHOs into trees that may someday fall

I've rambled enough

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