Sunday, February 17, 2008

here we go again

Okay, even with no feedback, I'll give it a try. I must say though, I'm surprised to have no encouragement out there. I realize I sometimes go all over the place in this blog - from horror movies to Japanese weddings - but that's your fault too! I need feedback to hear what you want to hear! Yes, it's my blog, but you're the readers. Come on! :)

Meantime, I'll state that I have NO interest in the Oscars this year. First time. I saw No Country and posted about it, and that's gonna be my last film I see based on critics. I like Fun films. Not "great" films. Sounds strange, I know. That certainly doesn't mean I dislike dramas. In fact, the best film I've seen this year made me cry. Yes, I'll admit it. The Bucket List was GREAT. And critics didn't like it. So what? They hated Mindhunters, which I thought was a Wonderful suspense film (along the lines of April Fool's Day). I thought there was real chemistry in Bucket, and the sad ending was beautiful. Beautiful friendship film, one of the best I've ever seen.

Worst film I've seen this year is hands down Cloverfield. Like many, I couldn't get past the shaky camera, and I had NO emotional attachment to the characters or what was going on. And it got great reviews. To me that's like loving make-up without a face to put it on. The WAY it was done has become the issue, not the content. For me and those who praise it. Hopefully the fad will be Pet Rock in length.

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La Traductora said...

Dear Mr. Ohmart,
Like you, my blog had no focus. So I decided to change that. What is one thing that you are truly passionate about? I know that the word is overused nowadays, but if I were you, I would blog about it. Of course, you are allowed to digress once in a while, but I find that if you have something interesting to write about, "they will come", whoever "they" are. Just keep plugging along, you'll see!