Friday, March 28, 2008

and speaking of evil corporations

I sincerely hope that the rumors of a mass take over are untrue. Click on the panda to go to a long, scary rumor about the publishing biz. I use Lightning Source for the majority of our titles, so Amazon trying to force us to use another printer could have a major impact. For MANY publishers. And ALL readers.

Send Amazon an email or call them at 1-866-216-1072 so we can try to stop this terror train before it starts.

Actually I like Amazon more than chain bookstores. Because EVERYONE can use Amazon. All the indie publishers and bookstores can list with them, new copies, used copies. It's GREAT for buyers AND sellers. If this changes, what will happen? The return of the old-fashion used bookstore? Will Tower Records reopen their stores if Amazon overreaches itself?

I tend to doubt it. Amazon is the biggest and they Have to see reason. It's one thing to shoot yourself in the foot, but to shoot yourself in the head...

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