Friday, March 21, 2008

going to Jensen Beach, FL

When we last left our couple - us - they were headed toward Jensen Beach, FL. But do you know why? Having written books on The Bickersons and Don Ameche and now finishing up a massive bio on the creator, Phil Rapp, not to mention having edited 2 books of Bickersons scripts - the cycle is not complete without doing a book on everyone's favorite singer, patron of Florida, and Mrs. Bickerson - Frances Langford.

When she was alive, Frances was So supportive with what I was doing. Not only did she send me goodies (illustrations and info) to use in the Bix bio, but she signed hundreds of postcards for me! of the Bix bio and Bix Scripts vol. 1, most of which I still have, and which I'll offer with the Langford bio when it's ready.

I got official permission from the Langford estate to do the book, and they sent a letter to the museum on Hutchinson Island, near Jensen Beach, where Frances gave all her stuff, which gave me permission to go thru All the material. So we went out and spent 7 straight hours scanning 100s of photos, copying over 100 articles from her scrapbooks. It was quite an experience!

I've been very fortunate in all my Bickersons quests. To have so many cooperative people help with these projects - the Phil Rapp family, the Don Ameche family, and now the Langford estate - has really been the reason these books exist. Without the estates' permissions, I never would've tackled these projects in the first place.

Oh, and a couple of these pictures show our nice drive up the beach toward Jensen. We'd never been south of Orlando together, so it was fun exploring new territory!

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