Monday, March 3, 2008

Rambo was good too

A lot of people criticize films like Rambo for being too violent or braindead, but to me, it's fun. It's probably the most violent of the series, probably because of the cartoon effects, so there's an easier way to put more blood in in a safer way. You can tell that a lot of violence is post-production, and unfortunately, just like the last Rocky, Stallone isn't up to what he once was. His arms are strong, but who knows if he's still got the - pun here - killer body that he did, and if you watch, you'll see that he doesn't have to do a Lot of physical stuff. He runs for a while, but the editor is working hard too to make sure that it's not a Long run. That's how I felt with Rocky. Lots of editing to keep the fight punching more than it is, and very few training scenes.

Still, this Rambo is a crowd pleaser, and that's what it's all about. Worth seeing, especially for the ending, which I think ties up everything nicely.

Now if he'd only get back together with Kurt Russell for Tango & Cash 2 (the first was Great), that'd be perfect.

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