Monday, March 31, 2008

Run, Fat Boy, Run

Okay, we drove to Tallahassee to see the new Simon Pegg movie. It was good. Not great. But good. And worth seeing! (Take that, Carmike!!) Luckily we didn't mind driving to FL (only 90 minutes away) to see it, after a nice little lunch at Atlanta Bread (the portions are half the size they are in Columbus, GA, which surprised us). Then we did a bit of shopping. I looked around almost the only 2 kinds of stores I go in: dvd, and book. Not necessarily in that order. :)

In fact, going to the bookstore you see here (Borders, Tallahassee) is where I first found one of our books on the shelves. We were both excited. Because that's when we thought it was a Good thing. Well, just the next month, we started losing money on the deal. BIG money to us.

We got into bookstore chains very briefly last year via Midpoint Distributing. The first 4 months were great. We thought it was going to improve our life and the biz. Then the returns started coming...

We lost thousands of dollars in returns. And even 6 months after we severed our contract with Midpoint, the returns are Still coming in. Not only will we not make 1 cent, we might owe Them money. So, not only did I have to pay the cost of shipping several thousand books To them, I had to agree to unlimited returns, which bookstores for some reason are granted, which actually cost More per book than the money they gave me For each book! Go figure that one out! No wonder 90% of publishers - good ones, like Cemetery Dance - don't put their wares on store shelves. It's not worth it!

Most of the indie publishers said "don't do it" but I wanted to try for myself. You have to learn the hard way, right? I sure did! But. It did NOT stop my optimism. I am determined as ever to build UP the business, to make it more known, improve the good reputation we already have, and make BearManor Media as popular as can be in our nostalgia genre.

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