Wednesday, March 19, 2008

a trip to Jensen Beach, FL!

Hi again. Sorry for such a delay in updating, but now that we're back from our latest week trip, I'm gonna update this site Often. So watch out!

Where did we go? To Jensen Beach, FL of course! We gave ourselves 2 days to drive down, because it's a couple hours south of Orlando (where we often like to go), just so we wouldn't have to rush for our Wed. morning appointment. The first night we stopped in Orlando anyway - it was on the way.

And we Finally got to try a restaurant - Bahama Breeze - that always looked good to us. On International Drive, the Main hub of the walking tourist area. Theme restaurants galore - enough theme min. golf to make us all die happy. And tons of gift shops that can make you spend all your money on Mickey and Minnie without ever going to Disneyworld.

The food at BB was Great, just as I'd hoped, since we've been wanting to go there for 2 years now. It's a busy place. Luckily we went on Monday night, because I figured a week night when kids are still in school would be less of a tourist time. Correct!

First up was black bean soup - we love black bean stuff. The crunchy corn chips in it made it even better. Then we each had a chicken dish that super. You know how a lot of places you go, the chicken might taste the same even if you order something different, just a different sauce on top? Well, these chickens were Totally different. I can't recommend the food and ambiance of Bahama Breeze enough.

After a nice meal, we did 2 rounds of Pirate Golf about a block away (we walked). The hard course and the easy course. And the hard one Is hard.

Part 2 of the trip tomorrow!

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