Monday, April 28, 2008

back from Boston!

Yes, we were in Boston for most of a week. I went there to go thru the impressive Fred Allen collection which the Boston Public Library owns, and owns the rights to (thanks to Fred's wife giving them the legal rights). More on that later. I'll make this episodic, to keep y'all reading!

What do you think of the picture? Would you believe we had to fly to Houston from Tallahassee? Yep. And Mr. Bush has a statue in the airport. Frankly, I'm surprised it's still standing.

It was an uneventful flight. I bought and read the first New Yorker mag that I've read in years. Interesting, long article about China, and the problems they face as a growing nation, letting progress spoil their environment. Sad reading, actually. It's a good mag, I forgot how good. Though I did recently buy the Complete New Yorker Cartoons hardback because it was a mere $20 on the reduced shelf in Barnes & Noble. Yes, I do browse bookstores even though our books aren't carried by them. But one of my goals IS to change the biz a little - somehow - and make a better middle ground between stores and publishers.

More tomorrow!

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