Saturday, April 19, 2008

Forgetting Sarah Marshall

We saw this yesterday. We saw 88 Minutes today and are saving the Jackie Chan for next week - to savor that one. :) It's all in the anticipation!

Anyway, I know the FSM kind of comedy is all the rage now and it was good, but not great to me. A lot of praise was heaped on Knocked Up, but my wife and I both thought it was only ok. And now FSM is getting a lot of great reviews (more than the other 2 films starting yesterday). I don't get it. Frankly, 88 Minutes was better. True, it could've been made 20 years ago (minus all the cell phone stuff), but since when is it bad not to be original? The quirkiness of FSM is hardly original now, after so many versions of it. And when a film is filled with "okay, I'm going to sit down because I want to, not because you asked me to" lines, well, it tires itself out.

Also, one of the main, minute problems I had with FSM was its pauses. Being someone who doesn't watch TV, I am perhaps more sensitive to the quirks invading film from television. Such as the shaky camera. I don't know who directed FSM, but he seemed like a TV director, filling his film with a Lot of pauses where we should laugh. Such as the male nudity stuff. Which is fine with me. I just don't like being directed where to laugh, regardless of the joke. My wife and I saw it in an empty theatre. Perhaps this is a movie for a large crowd. But then, what happens when it ends up on DVD? Perhaps I'm too sensitive, but the lack of smoothness of jokes jumped out at me.

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