Friday, April 11, 2008

this is Funny

Speaking of corp. manipulation.... :)

My main page is I don't watch tv, so I get my news there. Well, nearly every day or at least OFTEN, Yahoo has had a news story up about Microsoft wanting to buy their company. Here it is again today and I just think it's amazing. They are using a front page site link to adjust their position. To get them more publicity for their cause. Whether we care (I don't) about the story or not. Others have to Pay for news placement (yes, that's why you won't see Yahoo show our press releases in their Book section), but when you own the company...!

I know, I know, that seems like sour grapes. It's not Really, because I know that's how the world works. I just tend to think I can change the world a Little bit by drawing attention to the self-servers of the world. :)

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