Thursday, May 29, 2008

we're back!

Sorry it took SO long to update this. Those of you who know us know that we've been doing a Lot of traveling lately. A week after we returned from Boston, we hopped in the car and drove to CalifornIA! We spent 20 days on the road. Exhausting and Amazing. I'll be posting about it, hopefully daily, here with Lots of photos, so keep coming back.

But meantime, let's finish the info about Boston. The day of our arrival was the same day as the Boston Marathon! We didn't plan it like that. Really we try to do our airline travel on weekdays (since tickets are cheaper then, and there are fewer people around, wherever you go), but it was interesting to walk into the city and see all these foil people walking around as if they've just been punched in the gut. You have to admire these people. I like to exercise daily, but I've never been a jogger (walking, that's the boy!) and even tho they say running's hard on your joints, I admire determination, in any form.

We were kinda tired that night, so we just went across the street from this subway stop and saw a film. I'm trying to think what it was. Can't recall....... But another night, a few days later, we saw My Blueberry Nights, the Jude Law/Norah Jones film, which was just about as boring as you can get. Done like a literary journal piece (yes, I do like reading The Paris Review, but there's a big difference between reading it and watching it), it was full of famous faces, but really only the end was memorable, and that took just too long to get to.

We did some nice shopping around town, but there were only 2 areas that caught our eye. We expected Boston to be a little nicer, older, cleaner, but truthfully it seemed just like any other big city. Except for the last place we went - more on that tomorrow!