Thursday, June 19, 2008


This was a more interesting state, made more interesting by the jack rabbits and road runners that frequent the state. We saw both as we were driving one evening, in that magic time between darkness and setting sun. Hard to see them, and at 65 miles an hour, we only had a few seconds to see both, but there they were. And that same evening, two foxes or coyotes crossed the highway at impressive speeds. They are experts at crossing that road, obviously. Just glad I didn't hit anything. And in the 3 weeks we were gone - we had No incidents! Not even when getting into the rat race that is Calif.

Well, the Howard Johnson receipt I have here reminds me that we stayed in Yuma on the 15th, but that's the return trip. The pictures you see here give a better idea of what we did on our drive going west. One thing that impressed us a lot was the Black Bear diner which was ultra-cute. Mayu and I both like theme places - restaurants, mini-golf, etc. - hence our shared love of Disneyworld. This restaurant was right next to our hotel in AZ. Mayu thought it looked cute from the outside so we went in for breakfast the next morning and were even More impressed. Very nicely arranged. And it's a chain biz. Never heard of it, but I'd like to try another one sometime.

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Aaron Berman said...

Wow, you actually saw a road runner during your brief time in AZ?! It took us several months before we saw our first one. Now the real test of animal luck: Did you see any Javelina? We were there two years and we never did. Still, you can always wait for them to come to your local video shop (I kid you not):