Thursday, June 5, 2008

back to Boston!

Okay, kids, where were we? Well, I remember the last full day in Boston vividly because thanks to Mayu we found one of our 2 favorite areas. Quincy Market. It's where Cheers, the bar the tv series was based on, is. It's an area almost of warehouses - but each one is full of individual shops - not chains! - and a food court to die for. Homemade: cookies, ice cream, fish on a stick, pizza, ANYthing, all made by hand, with real butter, etc. And of course more seafood. We were a bit put off going to the area because one of the guide books said this was a fast food area. WRONG. Well, yes, the food could be had quickly, but to my mind, McDonald's and Wendy's is fast food, not these original items.

There was a guy juggling, places to get your face painted and balloon animals - yes, a real family theme park, out in the open, with more shops for mom than she'll ever thoroughly get thru in an afternoon, so bring a book, fellas! (I did. But I love reading, so it doesn't seem like waiting to me, as long as I have a place to sit!)

Oh, and I forgot to mention, we did take a trip to Harvard and MIT. Easy to get to via subway. Got myself an MIT hat. Nice gift shop/bookstore there. A few nice cafes too, but we didn't spend much time there.

We were only in Boston less than a week, but we did a Lot. Wore ourselves out too, as usual.

Next entry - going to Calif. by car!

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