Sunday, June 1, 2008

Boston part 2

Wow, already a couple days since my last post! How time flies. I need an assistant!

Okay, we only spent 1 day at the Boston Public Library, which is the real reason we went. So I could look at the Fred Allen collection, as I want to publish All his letters. The staff were very helpful and friendly. Of course it was not the Ideal situation, which is borrowing stuff from the families of celebrities. Then you can take your time with scanning and looking over the material. Also, at the BPL you can't copy anything yourself, so I had to put in my orders for what I wanted copied. Well, there are 9 boxes worth of letters! Plus I found in Fred's scrapbooks that he wrote a lot of articles in papers/mags too, so I thought it would be nice to do a book of those too sometime. Or perhaps just The Complete Writings of Fred Allen. We'll see. It was a nice surprise to find the first box of letters done and copies waiting for me when we arrived home from our 20 day journey to Calif.

Mayumi tried taking some hi-res digital pictures of the letters - which the library encouraged - but they were just too fuzzy to type from. Because I or someone else is gonna have to type all these letters up, ya know!

Library was beautiful, as this picture shows.

So, with lots of time (a few more days before our flight back), we took the subway often and looked around the city. We went up to the top of a tall building with windows all around (we did the same thing in Kyoto) and took some pictures. I was a bit amazed when looking at the Boston Red Sox stadium how many people take pictures at a baseball game! At least every second, mostly more, someone took a flash picture. I didn't know baseball was that exciting!

And of course what would Boston be without seafood? Well, you can't go there and not try it. We had it several times. Wish I could remember the names of the places now. But when we took a trolley tour of the city (mostly because we were tuckered!), the price included a half hour cruise on Boston Harbor. Incredibly windy.

But after that, we had our best seafood at a nice middle class place overlooking (well, depending on your seat) the harbor. Mayumi had lobster - I insisted! - and my scallops, since I really only like fish and shrimp in the seafood dept. And mine was super as well.

More tomorrow!

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