Saturday, June 14, 2008

Happening & Hulk

We saw The Happening last night, and let me warn you all. THERE IS NO TWIST in this film. I could feel the whole audience waiting for something. It doesn't show. It's a drama with a fantasy element. Not worth going to, in my opinion. Too bad. I feel sorry for the writer/director who is good and is going to have a lot of trouble pulling big stars and putting out his movies as theatrical releases in the near future because of this and Lady in the Water.

Just got back from seeing Hulk by myself, because the trailer didn't look too interesting to Mayumi. I thought Pete's Dragon 3 was just as good as Pete's Dragon 2 (previous Hulk), which means just okay. Lots of talk in this movie. Didn't look too expensive or impressive. I say go see Iron Man a 2nd time if you wanna sit in a cool theater again.

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