Wednesday, June 4, 2008

interruption of Boston to bring you film reviews!

We saw The Strangers tonight. Most BORING bit of filmmaking I've seen in a while. Since Cloverfield. Partially for the same reason - the constantly moving, even when it doesn't have to, camera. But that's not the Main reason The Strangers sucked. It just was dull. I was wary when in the first 10 minutes not much happened. It took too long to get to the point of the film. And when that arrived, it made Friday the 13th movies (which I love) look like Casablanca classics. No point to the film. No emotional attachment for me or Mayumi. We just didn't care what happened.

We saw Sex and the City on the weekend and both liked it. I will complain about the crux of the plot; how Mr. Big DOES get out of his car and apologizes and wants to go on with the wedding. Yet Carrie pulls away and we get another hour of her pouting about something that is pretty easily resolved in the last 10 minutes of the film. Now, the journey To the end was fun, interesting, and fashionable. But they should've put at least One more monkey on the 6th draft of plot points.

Indiana Jones was fun, despite the "special" effects. But come on. We all see Indy films for the same reason we're drawn to James Bond. The stunts. We're not looking for computer game, fuzzy alien effects. We want to see swinging and brawling and real people doing things that are quite amazing because it's Indy or his stuntman doing them. Indy 4 disappoints grandly at that level. I would end with a But. But they just should've ended the trilogy at #3. At least Die Hard and Rambo had something left to give.

Tomorrow - more about the trip!

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