Friday, June 20, 2008

Japan is a great country

I was surprised to find this article on Yahoo this morning:

You see, I think Japan is rather a super nation. I mean, it's almost the perfect society. Smiling, friendly, honest, open, respectful of privacy, helpful, energetic, smart, hard working, eager. Of course that's all viewed from a distance, and from what little I know of Japanese people, they are good at disguising themselves to strangers. As opposed to the south, where I live, in which even strangers are eager to share their opinions with you, just talking out loud to themselves. Giving you more info than you need. And complaining.

The thing I like most about Japan is how positive they are, as a whole. I'm sorry to see there are a lot of sad people there too, just like the rest of the world. But rather than censor the internet, which the article states websites should do, perhaps we should all work on the rather larger, probably impossible, solution of Making People Happier. Not just Japan, but the world in general. There is SO much about Albany I would change. "Making the world a better place is tough!" you say. Yes, but I figure it's like recycling and voting. It doesn't really matter if one person does or doesn't do it. What matters is changing that mindset so that we don't think it doesn't matter. "One person counts more than the whole" is a rather Republican statement (and I'm not a Rep), but maybe if we all thought that way, humans would change, thereby changing the world without much effort.

Okay, I realize this is like changing the weather, and I'm not offering any solid solutions on how to do this. But I say - just be nicer to people. When you don't feel good, at least don't be mean. No reason to spread poison just because it's inside you.

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