Monday, June 30, 2008

movie stars! - back to the Calif trip

Well, after a long haul through Texas, New Mexico and Arizona, we finally made it to the promised land! We were heading right to Bill Marx's house in Palm Springs, Calif. Bill is a Wonderful guy, a man who should be made a saint someday. The patron saint of music and jazz. The man - well, more about him later.

Here we have a selection of photos Mayu took while we were driving into Palm Springs. I don't know how many of you have been there, but it's rather an amazing place. We were coming from the highway, and there was Nothing there. I mean, NOTHING interesting to see from the highway. I was very perplexed, because I'd heard for a long time what a haven this was to the wealthy. But from the highway all you see are mountains and green desert (as opposed to the rolling sand kind). You would Never think that life would change so dramatically once you drive quickly through those mountains.

Then it becomes the paradise it is famous for.

The photo you see of the pool is our first night's stay. From every direction, no matter where you look, you see mountains. Just like Japan.

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