Monday, June 9, 2008

Zohan & Panda

We saw both new movies this weekend. Zohan first, which was very good. Forget what the critics say (I always do; sorry, but people who claim No Country for Old Men and Juno are great and entertaining do NOT speak for me), it's a Fun film which is near perfect for the first half. Then it gets a bit too political and convoluted. The Mariah Carey cameo was fun, but seemed more like an advertisement for her than anything else re: humor. Lots of good stuff in it though. Sure was more fun (and Better effects) than Hancock promises to be!

Kung Fu Panda was great. Not in the class of the Wallace and Gromit film of course, but Very entertaining and funny. Jack Black is the Perfect choice for the "big kid" panda, and the great thing is that there are NO annoying characters, and finally a kid's film with no poop jokes! I couldn't believe it. Good script. Jackie Chan as the monkey had maybe 4 lines in the whole movie, so it was a vast mistake to use someone of his import in a less than cameo role. Ah, I remember when cartoons were full of voice actors, not Names. Oh well. Panda is well worth seeing, despite the Casting Director.

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