Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Batman & Mama Mia

Just wanted to interrupt the trip for a moment to say that we saw Mama Mia and Batman this weekend. The music and basic story for MM was very good. I LOVE movie musicals. I wish they'd make a Bunch more. I found Hairspray to be completely engaging and great. Dreamgirls was almost great. Phantom of the Opera was great, but it needs to be seen in a theatre. How many of you would go see a favorite film at the theatre even tho you can see it on dvd? I'm very curious about that.

Anyway, MM's script and direction was pretty bad. I like the fact that the stars sing the stuff all themselves, even tho they can't sing. It gives it a charm that harkens me back to Alice in Wonderland; brilliant cartoon and Wonderful songs, and even tho Alice can't sing, frankly, it's nice to hear that for a change from all the great singers who do cartoons but who all sound the same. But the innocence and not-too-serious nature of MM endeared it to me. We're going to see it again. I figure if musicals make enough $$, they'll keep making them. (ppssssttt....! That's a good reason to buy my books!)

As for Batman, it's very good. Usually I LOVE long movies because I can get engrossed in them. But Batman seemed to keep ending, and I have mixed emotions about that. On the one hand, it's Not a formula film and that I applaud. On the other hand, I was getting a bit bored waiting for it to end (and it really doesn't, because of the Joker). Katie Holmes should've done the film. I don't know Why she didn't, but when EVERYONE but one key player is in something, it leaves a hole. You can't really separate the role from the actor.

The look of it was good, the Joker was of course great. Yes, it was dark, perhaps too dark (in spirit, I mean), but it's the ending I didn't care for (and I won't give it away here) because I think it was totally unnecessary in order to achieve a drama set up for film #3. Well, the trilogy is going to be in trouble anyway because Any actor who tries to take over Heath's role is going to be slammed.

I'm going to see Batman again too, because there's a Lot to take in in this film. Convoluted or complex, I'm sure I'll like it better the 2nd time, because I often do when I see a film twice.

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