Tuesday, July 1, 2008


My wife is a super cook. I just had to come on today to say this. Last night, she fixed a very southern thing. Greens. For those of you non-southerners, this is akin to spinach, with the same basic look and consistency, but a different taste. A bit bitter, but that depends on the cook.

Oh boy, did Mayu make a DELICIOUS meal. Greens, with tuna. At first I thought it looked like ground up bacon, because I'd never had it with tuna before. Her first time cooking these things, and it was perfection. Like rice, I think I could eat them every night.

The other half of last night's meal with her version of omrice. If you haven't been to Japan, this is one of the staples of food there. A mound of fried rice underneath what is essentially scrambled eggs. On top of that, a sauce of ketchup, brown gravy or etc. I really like omrice, since I like nearly all rice. Well, all. I don't care as much for flavored scrambled eggs. So when Mayu makes them here, they just have salt. Last night she did mix ketchup into the rice itself tho. A tasty treat.

I am one lucky, healthy eater.

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A.S. said...

Wow, the omrice sounds really good. Would Mayu mind terribly sharing the
recipe with us vegetarians who are always on the lookout for a decent