Thursday, July 17, 2008

the perks of a publisher

Guess what I got today? The manuscript, contract and photos to Gary Burghoff's autobiography. Yes, this is Radar from MASH. And Charlie Brown on Broadway. I'm VERY happy to have this book in our catalog for next year. The pictures he sent are Great. Not to mention the lovely reproductions of his paintings, which I hope to use on the front/back cover. Well, the front cover image is already decided: Gary's favorite: Radar hugging the teddy bear.

And there's never a better excitement than going through a celebrity's private photos. That's one of the perks of this biz!

Oh, and all this came about because someone is writing what looks like a GREAT book on MASH. He's friends with Gary.

Oh, and Gary elected Larry Gelbart - writer of Tootsie, MASH and Oh God - to do the foreword. And from that, I might publish a book by Larry.

You never know what leads where, eh?

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Graceann said...

This is fantastic news! (I'm just catching up on old posts - very old posts.) MASH is my favorite show of all time, and Radar was one of my favorite characters in it. I'll be so excited to read Gary Burghoff's story.