Saturday, July 5, 2008

saying goodbye to Rancho Mirage

We hated to go, but it was time to leave Palm Springs, Rancho Mirage and the lovely Bill and Barbara who had shown us Such a good time. Oh, I forgot to mention that we were fortunate to have timed it so that we got to see Bill Marx play with the jazz group he jams with every Sunday afternoon at Vicki's Restaurant. It was on Mother's Day! So the crowd wasn't as big as usual, but the talent was just as swingin'. We were impressed and Loved the whole 3 hours. They played standards both of us recognized, including the title song from my favorite Disney cartoon, Alice in Wonderland. Oh, and before leaving the house, Bill played an impromptu medley of Disney songs JUST for the 2 of us. Best piano playing I've ever heard in my life. The man is to the piano what his dad was/is to the harp. He's promised us a cd of that medley - which would sound different, he promised - and we're going to HOLD him to it!!

On the way out of town, back on the highway, we drove thru the Windiest area we have Ever seen. I thought ocean front property got a lot of wind. That's NOTHING compared to this. The car was constantly shaking and you have to press the gas pedal harder just to maintain regular speed. Amazing. Amazing. No wonder the gov't put out SO many turbines or windmills around the mountains to capture all that wind POWER.

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