Thursday, July 3, 2008

visiting the great Bill Marx!

Here we are in Rancho Mirage visiting the great Bill Marx, son of Harpo and brilliant mind in his own right. We'd been trading emails and phone calls ever since I took his book on almost 2 years ago now. The man sounds just like Fred Allen and has a paper-sharp wit you could cut with a razor. I swear, I keep all this man's email because it's just too good to shread!

So when going to Calif., I just had to stop and see him. He graciously let us stay with him and spent a lot of time with us, taking us out to dinner twice, one time at one of the best Italian places we'd been to in our lives. He and his lovely wife Barbara were hosts unequaled. And if you're wondering about the pooches. The one in the solo shot is Bucko. The one Mayu is holding (sorry I can't straighten 2 of the photos) is Maestro.

And there we are also standing by Bill's piano-shapped pool - which you can see from space, if you know where to look! And that's me in Harpo's original wig and coat - an honor that does Not get bestowed upon many. We were away for 3 weeks and did a Lot of stuff, but this visit with Bill and wearing history ranks as #1 best memory for me.

He calls me Beno whenever he emails or calls. How great is that??

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