Wednesday, July 30, 2008

X-Files movie & DL

We saw the X-Files movie on Sunday and were both bored with it. I've no idea why this film had to be in theatres. It had the same scope as a tv show; nothing grand about it. I'd only seen 1 episode of the tv show in the mid-90s and this film doesn't make me want to revisit it.

Now to a better subject - back to Disneyland! Specifically, the Alice in Wonderland ride, which they don't have in Tokyo or Orlando. VERY interesting to me, since this is my favorite Disney cartoon (GREAT voice line up and script). I was surprised that the line starts outside, of course with music playing. It's an imaginative little ride that, like everything in Fantasyland, is far too short. But we went on it twice because we'd picked a weekday (less crowded) to go, and the park was about to close when did it the 2nd time.

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