Sunday, August 3, 2008

Fred Flintstone and Eddie Cantor

I'll interrupt the trip for a bit of book biz. First off, is there anyone reading this blog who goes to film conventions? I have a bunch of postcards I'd really like to have on the free postcard/flyer table that most cons have. I'd be happy to give you a free book for your trouble.

Also, I wanted to mention my new book on Alan Reed (voice of Fred Flintstone), which is almost ready. I'm proofing it and putting photo placements in it right now, and then it's off to the printer! I'm VERY pleased with this book. Of course, most was written by Alan himself, being mostly an unpublished autobiography, but I did collect up a lot of stuff, with the help of many smart researchers. Click on the picture for more info.

Also ready is Janet Gari's book. She's the daughter of Eddie Cantor and one of the nicest ladies you'd ever want to meet. In fact, you can meet her in Newark this October - and us too! - at FOTR, the big radio convention. It's a book about her parents, especially her mom, Ida, who has always taken a back seat to this comedy giant.

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