Sunday, August 10, 2008

George Lucas, a Bickersons fan?

This summer, in Entertainment Weekly, they were doing a big spread on the summer films, with one of the biggest stories going to the new Indiana Jones movie (now easily dwarfed, as is everything, by Batman). In the opening paragraph talking about Lucas and Spielberg (pictured together), the author likened them to The Bickersons, saying they'd both grown up on radio.

My serious question is - are you a Bickersons fan, Mr. Lucas? Do you have my book?

If ANYone reading this is remotely close to George Lucas, please ask him for me, huh? No Clooney or Eastwood or Brooks or people working today have ever contacted me to say "hey, I'm glad you published a book on (whatever)." It sure would be nice to hear that.


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