Thursday, August 21, 2008

Tetley & things

Well, the nicest surprise today just happened an hour ago. Someone in Japan bought 4 copies of my Walter Tetley book! I had to tell the wife who will be surprised and proud, I'm sure. Ah, I'd love to have some books published in different languages, especially Japanese. Actually, we had a fax from a big Japanese publisher about interest in our Private Eyelashes, soon after it won the Agatha Award. So far, it's the only foreign publisher to contact us. If I had more time to go after foreign publishers, I would.

I just finished writing/proofing the Alan Reed book 2 nights ago. Now his son is giving it a final look before the editor grabs hold of it. So now I've passed back to working on Judy Canova and Phil Rapp, which will be the next 2 I'll have out, but next year. My goal is to have these finished before December. Wish me luck!

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