Thursday, August 14, 2008

to sing the praises of Whole Foods

The nicest surprise on our trip back to Georgia was a stop in Baton Rouge, Louisiana where we literally had our first taste of the great and glorious Whole Foods Market. We were blown away by this place. First off, it's ALL organic. Yes, the entire, massive place. Second, we're talking lots of healthy choices. Third, the variety is INCREDIBLE. Hot food, cold food, the usual olive bar, sushi, packaged stuff like you've never seen, and ALL for a Credible price. We shop in Publix here, and their organic section is not only the size of the entertainment book section in a chain bookstore (that means SMALL), but the prices are so high it's silly. Whole Foods is like the Walmart of good food. Whatever you feelings for the corp. evil that is Walmart, I have to say, I'm glad Whole Foods exists. It not only gives me hope that America COULD be a healthy nation, but it's a wonderland for those of us who Dig this kinda choice.

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