Friday, September 12, 2008

convention next week!

I posted this on my mailing list yesterday, but it's worth saying here too!

I wanted to remind you all again, if you didn't see it on our site, that we're gonna be at Martin Grams Jr.'s convention next week:

In fact, I'm gonna be giving my first talk (gulp) ever, on voice actors. Paul Frees, Daws Butler, Alan Reed, Mel Blanc, playing rare audio and answering as many questions as will fill out the hour on Thurs. 4-5pm. So, even if you don't want to meet a lovely young publishing couple, why not come over to meet the gal who modeled as Disney's Tinkerbell. Or meet Lassie's boy. Or see Edd Byrnes comb his hair. Or watch Larry Storch get goofy. These celebs and more will be here, jammed between a plethora of sellers of all the best DVDs, collectibles and, yes, BOOKS you'll ever want.

I'll be there to sign copies of my books on Joan Davis, Don Ameche and even footballs and track suits if you bring them in.

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Aaron Berman said...

Good luck, Ben!