Thursday, September 25, 2008

Ghost Town

We saw this last night - and we were the only 2 people in the theatre. As I told Mayu, as soon as I saw the trailer the first time, I knew we would be, if we see it. I was the only person in the theatre to see Hamlet 2. I don't know why British actor films come to Albany. Perhaps it's a tax write off. We've got a 16-theatre place (alas, the only theatre in town; when I was a kid growing up here there were 2, in completely different areas of town), but only 4 of the rooms are Big theatres. 2 of these big ones still have the new Tyler Perry movie. Those are the films they like here, so I don't know why else, besides intentional $$ loss, they bring certain eclectic films here.

Anyway, it was good, not great. I've never seen The Office, British or American version, but this starred the star of the British version. Now they just need to get British writers to write American films for Brit actors, and maybe they'll have some hits!

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Sonny Drysdale said...

Haven't watched the American version of 'The Office' because the Brit original was good enough for me (and because Steve Carrell's imitation of Paul Lynde in 'Bewitched' just left a bad taste in my mouth,) but this new movie is supposed to be the 'breakout' movie for star Ricky Gervais, a middle-aged guy who has been kicking around for decades before becoming a cult guy over in 'the colonies.'

He wrote and produced Brit version of 'The Office' but didn't with Hollywood's 'Ghost Town.' And that may be why the movie was disappointing.

Left to his own devices, Ricky is good. Like W.C. Fields doing throwaway lines in his low-key moments.