Monday, September 29, 2008

it's Tinkerbell!!

Yes, we met the lovely lady who was the inspiration for Tinkerbell, from my 2nd favorite Disney cartoon, Peter Pan. I even told her, "No offense, but Peter Pan is my 2nd favorite." And she said, "Mine too. My favorite is Mary Poppins." Go figure!

Anyway, she was delightful. Mayu got 2 signed photos from her, which Mayu is going to hang up in Japan, once she figures out what frames are best. That's going to take a while!


Andrew T. Smith said...

Pardon my ignorance but which is your favorite Disney film Ben?

Basil the Great Mouse Detective gets my vote. Two Vincent Price musical numbers, bliss!

Ben Ohmart said...

My favorite live action Disney film is (believe it or not) Gus. Favorite cartoon: Alice in Wonderland!

Andrew T. Smith said...

I had never heard of 'Gus' until I googled the film just now. Then I saw Don Knotts and now its easy to see why it might be one of your favorites!