Sunday, September 28, 2008

more from the convention

Don't worry, I'm not drunk in the picture. Nor unhappy. In fact, it was a super con! We didn't take a Lot of pictures, but I'll post a few daily. Here we see our undrunk publisher setting up the table on our first day. And the first day was the best of the 3 sales-wise!

The 2nd picture shows me interviewed by Derek Tague about voice actors. Not a big audience, but I wasn't as nervous as I expected either. I played a portion of Mel Blanc from one of his radio shows, and a bunch of Paul Frees rarities, including Paul looping for a Richard Pryor movie! That stuff is all on the free cd that comes with The Writings of Paul Frees.

Martin Grams is a wonder. The kid is 30 now and is So adept at organization and friendly and helpful and if there's not yet a patron saint for collectors and movie fans, he just might fill in the gap someday.

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