Wednesday, September 24, 2008

more on the MANC convention

First off, go here so you can see photos from the con and know who was there. We only got back a day ago, so I haven't had time to unload the camera yet. Hope to post photos We took on here tomorrow.

The highlight of the show for my wife was getting to meet the woman who modeled for the original Tinkerbell character, a lovely lady selling her colorful signed photos. Mayumi bought 2! One was a wonderful color mock-up for the cover of the autobiography she's working on now. I hope to talk to her more about her book, because it's something that would fit in our catalog Perfectly. She's a Wonderful lady, and Mayu calls her cute - then and now. I can't believe she was the one reading the Blanche Bickerson part the night we left (we didn't get to see it) because she's too nice to do it!

Perhaps the best thing to Me was that we did well on sales. :) I saw a Lot of familiar faces from the Newark OTR con that I've been to 3 or 4 times. And it's nice to go to a con where everyone doesn't automatically shut off their eyes when they see you've got a full table of books! Well, we had 2 tables. And even that wasn't enough for all the titles we have. So when we return next year or 2010, we'll have to have 3 tables at Least.

More tomorrow!

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