Saturday, October 4, 2008

An American Carol

My friend and I went to see this last night. I didn't think Mayu would like it. But now I know why NO ONE will like this film. There are 2 BIG failures to this film.

1. The hatred of Michael Moore obliterates anything else. I'm not for or against MM, but this film almost seems like a tax write-off which doesn't mind being a failure as long as it gets its HEAVY HANDED point across: MM is an enemy of the USA, a larger threat than any terrorist plot that can be conceived. Now, this doesn't belong in a comedy. Or, it should just be done better. I really like the film JFK. Great movie. And An American Carol is not JFK, though that president is "in" it.

I did like the multitude of sets, camera shots and obvious $$ that went into this film. But it suffers from the same thing that caused Meet the Spartans to fail: sameness. 1 joke, 1 point, in your face, constantly. Which brings me to

2. There needed to be more jokes. Meet the Spartans is a Terrible, terrible film and I never thought I'd say something Good about it, but in comparison to An American Carol, at least it did attempt jokes. Body humor tho they were. Ameteurish/little theatreish and without wit tho they were. Now, in Airplane (which is why I went to see director Zucker's newest in the first place), when Ted Striker is having a conversation, at least he's looking at flowers and painting a nude woman. In An American Carol, when the dialogue is laborious and drowning in its own boring political message, how about some jokes in the background? Something else to laugh at. A reason to see the film a 2nd time, to catch all the goodies. Nope.

These 2 reasons are why the film is going to fall and disappear quickly. Meet the Spartans should've too, but it opened at #1 in its week, beating out Rambo, poor guy.

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