Thursday, October 9, 2008

I finished my zombie novel yesterday!

Yes, yesterday I finished the zombie novel I'd been working on the last 6 months or so. I wrote about 30 minutes on it most mornings (lots of exceptions to that rule), and finally finished.

I became a horror movie fan in 1990 when I saw Tom Savini's remake of Night of the Living Dead which I think/thought was Super. There was something about the slowness of the dead people and the continuous growing of their number that really frightened and intrigued me. Yet, my mind took it (and most horror films) like a comedy, because like comedy, it deals in something unrealistic and over the top that you can't really treat as ordinary or "it's going to happen to me."

So, I started watching all the old horror films I'd never seen - which was All. The only horror film I'd seen up to that point (I was 20) was Halloween on HBO when I was a kid. I found the 1980s to be my favorite decade for horror, and the most prolific. Plus, most of it was made for the big screen, with its professional quality and budget, unlike today's mostly DVD releases which are like uncensored TV movies.

So, from Night I discovered Romero's superb Dead trilogy, and Dawn became one of my 5 favorite films:

(In no order, once again, for those who missed the list the first time!)
My Fair Lady
Star Wars
Dawn of the Dead '78
After the Thin Man
The Falcon Takes Over

So, this year I wrote The Bickersons' Love Letters, my zombie book, a couple short stories - ALL unproofed/unedited so far. Not bad for someone also having finished books on Alan Reed and Tim Kelly, plus running a publishing company, eh?

Oh, that picture you see here is just because I couldn't find anything scary on my computer. :)

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